Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Leo Morris has been quite the busy blogger -- 16 posts in his first three days. That's, uh, like, um, almost more than five posts per day. At that rate...well, it's a lot of posting, okay?

And he's advocating his readers to take the blogger challenge, whatever that is...

Keep up the good work, Leo. (By the way, he's now FWMN's favorite blogging Fort Wayne Newspapers editorial page editor, because he has a link to our site on his blog. That other guy does not...)

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While I'm on the subject of blogging newspaper employees, I'd like to extend the blog challenge to other writers at both local dailies. Nothing against Leo or Tracy, but reporters on a beat usually make for the best bloggers -- they're already well-versed in a particular topic, and have a lot of contacts and inside information, usually so much that they can never publish it all in the paper. That's where their blog comes in.

Who wouldn't want to see Mike Dooley pontificating on local court cases -- a mix of news and commentary from one of the city's most respected reporters every day? And we already know this particular blog's name: [Daily] Dooley Noted.

If the head honchos at the JG and N-S are serious about their employees blogging, they ought to get some of their talented reporters a blog, not just their editorialists.

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