Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Real Feud

Forget my occasional bouts of indignation; the real FWMN feud is between Gloria Diaz and reader Bushwick Bill. In case you missed it, last week Gloria wrote a post about immigrants, and Bushwick Bill responded with a lengthy comment. This led to some back and forth between the two, and another reader asking what any of this had to do with Fort Wayne media. I've read the exchange and I have some thoughts.

First, Gloria blogs because I asked her to. She doesn't have to write just about Fort Wayne media; in fact, I like that she often doesn't. I think that, for instance, a discussion on immigration does have a place here on this blog. It's an issue that, like downtown revitalization or brain drain, affects the community at large and does have "media consequences." But even if Gloria writes about something that has no connection to media, that's fine with me.

Bushwick Bill, in his first comment, referred to the author of the post as living in Southern California -- which leads me to believe that he thought I wrote it. Not the case. At the bottom of each post, its author is listed. In this case, it was Gloria and not me. Just something to keep in mind when you're reading this blog -- I'm not responsible for everything written here.

Now to the issue of immigration and the comments on Gloria's post that led me to post on it myself. I think that Bushwick Bill made some good points, but then he started calling Gloria a racist race-baiter, and suggesting that he was going to contact Fort Wayne Magazine to try to get them to fire her. Gloria responded that he was the one who sounded racist to her.

I'm glad that Bushwick Bill took the time to respond to Gloria's post. But it's not okay to start calling people racist and threaten them -- at least not on this site -- just because they disagree with you. And all FWMN readers should know that, though you're welcome to add your two cents, there is a line that I won't allow to be crossed. Keep your comments focused on what the other person said, not what you think of them personally. And calling people racist, apart from being wholly unproductive in a rhetorical sense, does not reflect well on the person making the allegation.

So we don't call people racist here. And we don't get nasty. Otherwise we won't be able to have discussions about issues like race -- things that are sensitive but also, for that very reason, imperative to talk about.

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