Monday, July 18, 2005

Speaking of MediaWatch...

Though the "main" MediaWatch website is still password-protected, they have been posting at one of their many blogs in the last few days. First, a post on the NY Times' Judith Miller, which was typically wrought with words that no one actually uses:
[...]But where is the outrage from the rest of media? Ms. Miller is moldering in her cell even now, while the rest of media has moved on to other stories, other issues, not recognizing that Ms. Miller’s jailing presages their own loss of journalistic prerogative. Reporters are now a hunted breed.

There is no bulwark against tyranny or malfeasance but that of journalism, the print pres (sic) and television news. Once journalism is thwarted and subject to jail-time from imagined crimes, the Republic is on the verge of a subtle fascism[...]
We get it, guys -- you own a thesaurus.

Then there's this item, titled "Nicole Manske, former WANE reporter on the (Red) Carpet," posted sometime Sunday -- three days after that same story appeared here last Thursday.

I believe that's called "getting scooped."

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