Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Actual Media Notes

Derrick Gingery does some media reporting (as opposed to my eavesdropping at last week's Downtown Block Party) in the latest issue of the Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly:
WANE and WPTA losing on-air staff

Kelly Gabriel has left WPTA to relocate to Michigan, where her husband will take a job as a newspaper publisher at the Daily Telegraph in Adrian, Mich. Gabriel has been a reporter and occasional anchor and weather person at Channel 21 since 2002. Giesler said she is planning to continue working in television.

Tacoma Neusome, who had been an intern at the station, was promoted to a full-time reporter to fill the opening, [vice president of Fort Wayne operations for Granite Broadcasting Corp. Jerry] Giesler said.

Susan Pavli, a weekday reporter, producer and weekend news anchor at WANE, is leaving the station to become a hospital public relations manager in Seattle.

Pavli has been with WANE for seven years. Her husband, Jon Messier, also works at WANE as a videographer.
It should be noted that the day after this issue hit newsstands, Gabriel was on WPTA's noon news doing the weather, which means that the item is not exactly accurate. (Kelly Gabriel has left WPTA...) My guess is that had less to do with bad reporting and more to do with extenuating circumstances at the station. But that's just a hunch.

Then there's this important programming note:
WISE line-up change

Giesler said WISE will change its afternoon line-up this fall. The Ellen DeGeneres Show, a talk show hosted by the famous comedian, is moving to the 4 p.m. weekday time slot. The Jane Pauley Show, the prominent NBC journalist’s afternoon talk show, has been canceled.

Ellen has aired on the WB network and will begin its third season in September. Giesler said the WB decided to take the show off its network and make it available to the major broadcast networks with market sizes ranked 100 to 200, something that had not been done before.

The show now is on at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. on WBFW, Channel 37, which also is owned by Granite Broadcasting.

The Jane Pauley Show received a 0.3 rating in Fort Wayne during the May ratings period. It competes with Oprah Winfrey on WPTA, which received a 10.8 May rating, and Judge Joe and Judge Judy on WANE, which had a 5.1 rating. Each rating point represents 2,720 households in the Fort Wayne region.

For WPTA and WANE, the 4 p.m. time slot is important because it is the period before the stations’ first evening newscast. The show preceding the newscast is supposed to draw and hold viewers.

WISE does not air its first evening newscast until 5:30 p.m.

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention this story, also from Gingery's column, about the ability of WANE's weather equipment to withstand, uh, severe weather.
Severe weather hurts the predictors too

They can predict when and where the oncoming storm will strike, but meteorologists can end up just as helpless as everyone else when severe weather hits.

WANE, Channel 15, restored its Doppler radar recently after a lightning strike knocked out the computer that controls it for six days.

Staff had to use National Weather Service Doppler radar on its 24-hour weather station, Channel 74 on Comcast cable. What used to be a detailed view of northeast Indiana with a sweep hand constantly updating the radar image turned into a temporary map that did not have Fort Wayne marked and had no sweep hand.

“Fortunately we didn’t have many thunderstorms,” said WANE meteorologist Greg Shoup. “We never really went unprotected.”

The temporary weather map was in place until a new computer chip was installed to replace one destroyed by the lightning strike.

WISE, Channel 33, also lost its analog signal for 30 minutes to an hour July 23 during a power outage.

The station continued to broadcast on cable, said Jerry Giesler, vice president of Fort Wayne operations for Granite Broadcasting Corp., which operates WISE and WPTA, Channel 21. But those watching a TV with rabbit ears could not get WISE. Giesler said WPTA was not affected by the power outage.

I wonder if WANE will pull that quote from Greg Shoup and put it in their next weather promo.
"Last week, when weather so severe that it knocked out our doppler radar for six days hit northeast Indiana, you were never really unprotected! News Channel 15: Coverage you can count on...except during lightning!"

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