Thursday, August 18, 2005


What's a blogger to do when reader comments conflict?
Loads of fun and excitement here. Good analysis and commentary on local media.

Yep...Nothing like a good ol' fashioned pissing contest between Nathan and Rich. Maybe I should register Fort Wayne Media Watch Notes and comment on it all....

Nah. No one would be interested in that, either.

Now how about some comments on media other than that emanating from the RRR group? Maybe TV....or radio....they're media too, you know. Even Frost Illustrated would be more enlightening than this game of one-upsmanship that seems to have overtaken what once was a promising endeavor....
And this:
I agree with the above, it's time to move on, dudes, and get over it. (Although once in a great while the melodrama is more interesting than the media, I admit.)

But I especially agree about a lot more radio coverage and a bit less newspaper coverage. I guarantee more people listen to radio, overall, than read the papers. And the cumes for TV goes without saying.

And since this is a website and utilizes podcasts and all that jazz, why not critique local media's attempts at this newfangled technology? Like some websites are always fresh looking and interactive (WBYR, for example) and some apparently haven't had their graphics and layouts updated since about 1995 (WPTA and WLKI for example.) And yes, that IS important, as this is 2005, y'know.
But then what about this?
You are obviously the wronged party here, Nathan - the upside to this is that the incestuous blogworld bickering between you two is far more entertaining than the Fort Wayne media that you usually write about.

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