Friday, August 05, 2005

FWMN Podcast: Talking About Downtown

Kevin Leininger
photo courtesy of the News-Sentinel

The third episode of the Fort Wayne Media Notes Podcast is now available for download. (It will be on the iTunes Music Store later this afternoon.)

This week's edition features an interview with Kevin Leininger, a reporter and columnist for the News-Sentinel and a twenty-five year veteran of the local journalism scene. Kevin and I spoke primarily about downtown -- its history, its future, and his thoughts on current strategies for revitalization. For those of you who aren't experts on downtown like Kevin, this serves as a useful primer. He also talked about how he got interested in journalism and and his coverage of President Reagan's visit to Fort Wayne during the Flood of '82.

The episode is just over 30 minutes.

Listen to the Fort Wayne Media Notes Podcast :: Episode Three

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