Monday, August 29, 2005

Handicapping the Races

Tracy Warner discusses the possible candidates for sheriff in 2006. (Aside: I think Tracy would be well-served by focusing much of his blogging on local politics, which many people are interested in but no one seems to be blogging about, save for a few posts on Fort Wayne Politics earlier this month.)

Warner reveals that Capt. Brad Kohrman is expected to run for the GOP nomination and, "reportedly has the support of incumbent Sheriff James Herman."

This is shaping up to be the first election in at least a quarter-century in which neither the sheriff nor his chief deputy is seeking the GOP nomination for the office. Bill Smallwood, Herman's chief deputy, is nearing retirement and has repeatedly said he is not interested in the office. Don't be surprised to see Herman work to help raise Kohrman's profile in the months before next May's primary.

Sheriff's reserve officer Mike Foster has already declared for the GOP primary, and Lt. Kenneth Fries of the sheriff's department is also a likely candidate.

On the Democratic side, the name of Mike Joyner, a city police officer, is being tossed around as a possible candidate against Tina Taviano, director of training for the sheriff's department.
I'll add that Ken Fries (pronounced "freeze") is definitely running, at least according to the invitation I saw to the campaign fundraiser that City Councilman John Crawford is throwing for him.

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