Friday, August 12, 2005

How We Got Here

A chronology of my posts on MediaWatch, as an addendum to this week's podcast:

May 22:
The assistant director of MW comments on my first post

A get-well message to Rich Reynolds
May 23:
Clarifying FWMN's relationship to MW
May 24:
MW starts its own blog
May 26
Rich Reynolds reads FWMN?
May 29:
Am I one of Rich's "guys"? (No.)
May 30:
More evidence that the MW people read FWMN
June 06:
Commenting on a MW fax

MW starts another blog
June 20:
FWMN mentioned in the MW fax?
June 23:
MW creates two new blogs and titles them "Fort Wayne Media Notes"
June 24:
I ask MW to stop using their current logo, which I created
June 27:
MW still hasn't removed my logo
June 28:
More on the difference between FWMN and MW
July 06:
MW blocks access to their site; creates more blogs
July 07:
Speculation on why the MW site is unavailable
July 11:
My reaction to Derrick Gingery's piece on this "blog war"

Rich Reynolds makes a veiled reference to suing me
July 18:
Commenting on one of the MW blogs
July 26:
Rich Reynolds threatens to sue Leo Morris and the N-S for linking to me; I respond
July 30:
Predicting the next MW fax
August 01:
Noting Rich Reynolds' other interests

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