Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Today's JG's letters to the editor feature two worth noting:

Photo jogs memory of World War II veteran

I wonder who the person is taking the photograph of the B-17 on the front page of Thursday’s Journal Gazette. It sure isn’t me, although it says so in the photo caption.

Actually, I went through the B-24 in the top photo. I was a top-turret gunner and aviation radioman in the Pacific during World War II with the Navy. The Navy designation for the Liberator was PB4Y-1, while the Army Air Corps called it the B-24.

The Navy got their Liberators from the Army’s production lines in a trade. The Army could take over a Navy-dedicated war plant in Renton, Wash., to build their upcoming B-29s if they would peel off some B-24s from their production lines. So it was a done deal and everybody was happy.

Editor’s note: Because of a photographer’s error, Greg Pings was misidentified as Mr. Bradin.


Show no compassion for murder convict

I was physically ill after reading the article on Edward Wallace by Sara Eaton.

I can think of no rational or culturally acceptable reason to pump up a story about a social predator and cold-blooded murderer. The first paragraph was about his note to his wife telling her he loved her! Disgusting. Just plain disgusting.

I am certain that beast has no concept of love. Lust perhaps, but not love. The couple have four children they cannot support without being subsidized by society on whom they prey.

Wallace is a habitual offender with a long arrest record. His life represents his choices. The community will be far better off with his “removal” from our midst.

Why not just report the details and facts and leave the soap opera garbage out of the articles?


I doubt that Richards titled his letter, "Show no compassion for murder convict," but it's interesting that someone at the paper decided that summarized his letter. As far as I can tell, Richards wasn't urging "no compassion" for Wallace -- just that the JG "report the details and facts and leave the soap opera garbage out of the articles." Apparently some people at the paper think that reporting the soap opera details equals showing compassion. And Richards also didn't refer to Wallace as a "murder convict," he called him a "cold-blooded murderer." Certainly a different connotation, no?

ALSO: The title of the first letter isn't really accurate, either. There's no evidence that the incorrectly captioned photo jogged John Bradin's memory -- after all, he doesn't say as much. And let's be honest: he wasn't writing in to reminisce about a particular WWII aircraft; he was informing the JG of an error. The title of the letter ought to be: "Veteran: That's Not Me! Paper: Oops!"

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