Monday, August 01, 2005

Last Week's "Big" Story

There's an article in the latest issue of the Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly about the L.S. Ayres department store at Glenbrook changing its name to Macy's. If you've been reading the paper or watching the news in the last few days, you know this story has been getting a good deal of media coverage.

I've got a question for those editors who deemed this an important story:
What's the big deal?
L.S. Ayres is a big department store that has been in Fort Wayne for a long time, and a lot of people shop there. For nearly 20 years, it's been owned by the same company that owns Macy's. Just recently, that company was aquired by another and someone there decided to change the name of all their L.S. Ayres stores to Macy's.

They'll also, I assume, be changing the name on the receipts and the shopping bags and probably even the salespeople's name tags.

That's it.

And yet, for some reason, we needed to dispatch reporters out to Ayres to find out what their shoppers thought of the change. And ask our readers what they thought of this. And put all this "news" on the front page.

Same store, mind you. Same people working there. Same merchandise.

Just different shopping bag.

I could see this kind of attention being warranted if, say, Ayres was closing, or laying off half its employees, or starting to sell human cloning kits...but changing its sign?

I don't think so.

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