Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Local Politics?

Tracy Warner speculates on an upcoming local political race on his blog:

Incumbent [Allen County assessor] Pat Love, who turned the local GOP on its ear in 2002 by scoring a rare Democratic win for countywide office, has been telling associates she's going to run for re-election. Love has been smart enough to surround herself with good people who get the job done, and compared to her much-disliked predecessor, she's served the county well if only by first doing no harm. But some of the township people whose criticism of her predecessor helped get Love elected aren't all that pleased with her work, either. And Love's inability to pass the test to gain Level II assessor certification hasn't helped her cause, though she did pass Level I, more than her predecessor ever did.

A number of Republicans would like to see Love's chief deputy, Stacey Lopshire, enter the race. She's probably the best qualified to run the office, but there's always the fear that when a chief deputy runs against her boss, she loses her job not long after declaring her candidacy.

Several of the full-time township assessors are also well-qualified but generally would prefer to stay in the trenches and out of the political crossfire. Among them is Angie Sorg, the Perry assessor, whose name has been mentioned but who told me today she's not running for the county position. Other names that have come up include Mike Cunegin, a county councilman and city police officer who would have to quit both jobs if elected assessor. Renee Rousseau, the chief deputy clerk and formerly chief deputy auditor, has also been mentioned.

I'd like to see Tracy write more on local politics like this, especially heading into the next mayoral election. (In his podcast interview last month, Leo Morris suggested he and Tracy live-blog the next mayoral debates, which I think would be quite interesting.)

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