Tuesday, August 30, 2005

More from the Reader Survey

The question: "What do you like least about FWMN?"

I've categorized the responses (many of them were similar) so as to more easily comment on them. Here's the first group:
Nice to know that some of you out there can't find anything (ANYTHING!) you don't like about this blog, but I'm fairly certain that I have yet to achieve blogging perfection. Thus, we move on to:
I agree: I've been blogging mostly on local print media, and generally neglecting television and radio. Part of that is because the print medium (especially papers that publish their stories on the web) lends itself to blogging; radio and television do not. I hesitate to comment on something that I can't link to; one of the things I like best about blogs is they can provide you access to the original source so you can make up your own mind, and I want to do that everytime I post an opinion. (It also helps when making an argument, being able to point back to the original source material and analyze it in a specific manner.)

But that doesn't mean I shouldn't be covering local television and radio better than I have been, so I'm going to make a concerted effort to focus more on those media from now on. But I can't really do that without some help from you, the readers -- especially those who work in local radio or TV. I don't have a network of sources providing me information, nor do I have the time to call and cultivate such sources, so I have to rely on information provided to me by others.

I hope over the first few months of blogging that I've proven that I can handle sensitive information and not betray confidences. My email address is listed on the sidebar; you're more than welcome to contact me any time, even if you don't have news to pass along. And if you're in management at one of the local TV or radio stations, use me to disseminate information about changes in staff or scheduling or format -- that's one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place.

As far as covering smaller media outlets in the surrounding area, I just don't have the time or resources to do that at this time. Trying to effectively cover Fort Wayne TV and radio along with newspapers will be enough of a challenge for now!
I'm going to hold off commenting on these responses for now, only because I asked another question about the situation between FWMN and MediaWatch and I want to wait until I reveal those results to make my reaction to your comments known.

Now to the grab-bag responses that didn't seem to fit in any category.
That's kind of the point of this blog. I'm not sure how it's a fault, unless you think I'm being overly or unnecessarily critical.
Sometimes it's hard not to talk about yourself. And sometimes I think people are actually interested. (Other than my mom.)
I altered the blog design after reading this comment; my email address, as I noted above, now appears on the sidebar of every page. Thanks for pointing this out -- it's something I should have realized and remedied a long time ago.
I can do that!
Your guess is as good as mine. I'd be happy to post people's predictions, though I think we can all agree that at some point the two dailies will merge, which will happen when the Inskeeps decide to sell the Journal Gazette to Knight-Ridder. (Or the News-Sentinel folds after all the staffers quit to start their own independent weekly publications.)
I'm not sure what this response means -- if it's yours, feel free to post a comment here elaborating so I'll have a clearer idea of what you're referring to.

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