Friday, August 19, 2005


I've talked a lot about the Blog Challenge in the last few weeks, but today I want to focus on the Fort Wayne-based blogs that were already in existence when I issued the challenge. I'd like to start a directory of local blogs, first on this website's sidebar, and eventually as a standalone resource for those in local media to use when they finally decide to write about blogging and focus on the "local angle."

So if you've got a blog or know someone who does, email me (fwmedia[at] and tell me about it -- its location, a summary of what it is, and a little bit about the blogger (you). I'll put a link up to it here and add it to the Fort Wayne Blog Directory, which I'll send out to local media at the end of August.


There won't be a FWMN Podcast published today, but next week I'll be interviewing one of the creators of Overtime, Fort Wayne's newest newsweekly.

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