Thursday, August 25, 2005


Let me get this straight: when the Coliseum was renovated in 2002, we bought a lot of new seats. Even though they only came with a three-year warranty, general manager Randy Brown says, "Our hope was the seat would last 25 years."

Now it turns out those seats are defective -- convenient for the company, considering they started falling apart three years after they were installed. And now we have to pay $50,000 to replace them...and this is somehow being spun as the county getting a good deal.
The county will pay $5 for each new seat installed, and the company will pick up the rest of the cost. Brown said the company’s portion was more than $50 a seat.

“It’s nice to have a company stand behind their product,” he said.
You've got to be kidding me. Their products are falling apart. They're charging us to replace them. This constitutes them standing behind their product?

And how smart is it to replace these defective seats with new seats from the same company, anyway? How about looking for a vendor whose products don't fall apart right after the warranty expires. Just a suggestion.

Here's the silver lining: these new seats come with a *five* year warranty instead of three. Does this mean Brown is expecting them to last 50 years?

UPDATE: Jon Swerens notes that Kevin Leininger wrote about this story in yesterday's N-S. My favorite part of the article?

At Brown’s recommendation, the commissioners awarded a $1.26 million seating contract to Hussey on Aug. 15, 2001. At the time, Brown called the company’s seats the “Cadillac” of the industry, and he defended the decision Tuesday.

“It’s been a good seat except for this, and their willingness to correct the problem shows we’re dealing with a reputable company,” Brown said.

Yes, it's been a good seat, except, you know, for the fact that it's falling apart!

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