Monday, August 29, 2005

Saying Nice Things

The first open-ended question of the reader survey was "What do you like most about FWMN?" Here are the responses:
Later today, I'll post my reaction to these comments. (Here's a preview: I like them.)

UPDATE: There's a danger in wallowing in positive comments (which is why I'm more interested in hearing what people don't like about FWMN), but I think it's important to distill all these comments down to what people like about this blog. Here's what I see:

People appreciate a concerted effort to be objective and fair; they like daily, well-written posts that are informative and opinionated but also open to revision. There's a dearth of places to get information on local media (especially the comings and goings of reporters), even though people are interested in it, and they want a place where they can go to get that.

My job is to make sure that this blog does all of that.

It's nice to see that my efforts to keep my posts well-written and interesting (and not personal) has been noticed and appreciated. I also appreciate that many of you are looking for opinion and commentary, and I'll do my best to provide more of that from now on.

This afternoon, I'll reveal what you don't like about FWMN...and what I'm prepared to do about it.

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