Friday, August 05, 2005

Sounding Off

Nancy Nall, formerly of Fort Wayne, has a post on her blog referring to "my old paper." Deductive reasoning leads me to believe that she's referring to the News-Sentinel, but I'm going to hold off making a judgment until all the facts are in.

She's not a big fan of "The Rant," it seems.
I used to read the Rant aloud on Neighbors day. I do this old-person voice, and I could always find the Rants that came from old people, usually because they said so up front:

I don't like the city's plan for the new larger trash containers. I'm a senior and I can't lug these heavy containers to the curb. Why doesn't anyone think of us? (There's a whiny sort of old person you'd just like to slap, isn't there? "Go read about pop music!" you want to tell them.)
UPDATE: Nancy Nall protests this post in the comments section. I respond.

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