Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Watch Out!

Yesterday Cindy Larson reported on why several downtown streets are riddled with exposed manhole covers. (Or, as I call them, "road mines.")

In May, INDOT, at a cost of $3.2 million, began resurfacing the streets, cutting out squares of asphalt around 600 manholes, and replacing the manhole covers in collaboration with City Utilities, Indiana Michigan Power, NIPSCO and Verizon.

INDOT, however, decided not to fill in the squares with asphalt — leaving about 600 “bumps in the road” — until it could start the actual repaving. That work is scheduled to begin Aug. 19, with crews working from 6 p.m. Friday to 6 p.m. Saturday for five to six weeks.

The 600 exposed manhole covers have caused drivers much consternation. The asphalt is cut out 1½ inch deep around the manhole covers. So, tires on vehicles drop into the 1½-inch hole, then go up 1½ inches over the manhole cover, then back down 1½ inches on the other side of the manhole cover and up again 1½ inches onto the pavement.

Then there's this, which, for someone who wasn't excited to turn our city over to the Gold Wingers to begin with, was like a stick in the eye.

Keefer added that even though the work is an INDOT project, city officials requested it be put on hold for the Gold Wing motorcycle convention and Three Rivers Festival.

“We didn’t do any work between June 30 and July 18,” he said.

So much for Tracy Warner wanting to come up with a new nickname for Fort Wayne; we're officially the City of the Wing Ding.

Oh joy.

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