Monday, August 08, 2005

We Love Nicole Manske

More on Nicole Manske dating Indy 500 winner Dan Wheldon:
[...]since Manske regularly covers racing for her station, does the romance pose a conflict of interest in her role as a journalist?

Not so far, says news director Tom Cochrun.

"She assures us that in no way has it affected or will it affect her role as a journalist," Cochrun said, following a discussion involving Manske and station manager Jeff White.

"Apparently she and Dan have also discussed it in terms of the fact that her role is to be a journalist, and there may be times when that's going to have to be the role she plays," Cochrun said in a phone interview.

Manske didn't want to talk but sent an e-mail in which she called the romance a "personal matter." She believes she can do her job without bias, and her personal life hasn't been an issue with other reporters, the note said.

Well okay! No conflict of interest as long as she says there's not!

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