Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Where's My Money?

Mike Dooley reports on a story that, while sad, certainly is not surprising.
Fort Wayne pop star Amanda Perez on Tuesday sued her manager and several companies with which he is affiliated, saying they defrauded her out of almost $250,000[...]

The suit accuses the defendants of embezzling and stealing money from Perez. It says Grossman and the other businesses “consistently assured her that her money was being managed appropriately,” and received and handled money intended for her.

Perez has released two CDs on the Virgin label, “Angel” and “I Pray.” She opened a nightclub in Fort Wayne last year, and maintains an office in Encino, Calif.

The suit was filed in Allen Circuit Court, which means that if it comes to trial, we might have a national story right here in our backyard. If I were an enterprising young reporter, I'd be doing all I could to convince my editors to let me cover this.

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