Monday, September 26, 2005

Ball State Blogging

Leo Morris reports that Ball State is conducting a little blogging experiment. They've selected 12 students and asked them to blog about their lives in the hopes that it will attract prospective students and prove that the university is on the "cutting edge," technologically speaking.

What Leo doesn't mention is that one of the bloggers is from Fort Wayne. Her name is Krista Quesenberry and she's a senior majoring in English literature with minors in Spanish and journalism. Besides being a student in Ball State's Honors College, Quesenberry serves as the forum editor for the school paper, the Daily News, and assists in organizing the university's V-Day observances.

Her blog, titled "ink stains on parchment," is located at

UPDATE: Turns out that Krista herself doesn't exactly consider Fort Wayne her hometown, according to the profile on her blog:
Hometown: Eugene, Oregon — but my family has called Fort Wayne home base since I was in high school
Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course...but someone ought to tell the Ball State marketing department that they're being a little misleading.*

UPDATE UPDATE: Quesenberry did graduate from Snider High School in 2002, which, at least in my opinion, makes Ball State's claim of Fort Wayne being her hometown more than fair. I take back the "misleading" comment.

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