Thursday, September 08, 2005

Disaster Preparedness

In light of what happened in New Orleans, I think this is something worth mentioning -- I noticed it while perusing the sheriff's department website:
A FIRST happened to Allen County in January, 2005. The Emergency Operation Center for Allen County was able to identify persons who were isolated and may have needed assistance during the flooding of the St. Mary's River. The Volunteer Center @ RSVP has developed a listing of persons who may need help during any emergency. Nearly 200 addresses have been registered in the SAFE@HOME program.

The SAFE@HOME list was used by the Allen County GIS (Geographic Information System) to identify 88 individuals who were living within 250 feet of the flooding. All the individuals and their care givers were notified of the danger. Police and Firefighters were there to help if they needed assistance

Do you or someone you know need to be on this list? The service is FREE and confidential. For more information call the Volunteer Center @ RSVP at 424-3505 or 888-219-6868.

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