Monday, September 26, 2005

Duly Noted

In this week's Dooley Noted, Mike is all over the local political beat.
She won’t say much about her political plans at this point, but the potential candidate – Republican County Commissioner Marla Irving – admits she and her husband, Jerry, have put their Perry Township home up for sale and are in the market for some new digs.

So what’s that got to do with the 2007 GOP mayor’s primary? Well, to quote a phrase the real estate agents are so fond of using, it’s location, location, location.

Is that location inside the city limits? In order to qualify as a candidate for the city’s top-elected job, the law says a candidate has to live in the city for a year prior to the election. That means Irving, if she does have plans to become the second woman to serve as Fort Wayne’s mayor, would need to have her change-of-address forms filled out by May.
Then, Mike writes about the one candidate (or non-candidate as it were) for sheriff, Jim Zamora, that I haven't talked about at all here.
In this case, it’s Fort Wayne Police Capt. Jim Zamora who’s the center of attention. He made a fair showing for a Democrat in the 1998 sheriff’s contest, losing to incumbent Republican Jim Herman by about 10,000 votes out of about 75,000 cast. He said earlier this year he was planning to make another run for the job next year.

That, however, was before Zamora’s recent promotion to captain. Now, he says he’s fairly happy with his new job, and is giving the sheriff’s race a second thought. Filing for the election won’t begin for another few months, but the way it looks now, Zamora might not stand in line to get his name on the ballot when it does.
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When Marla moved from behind the scenes to the front lines of public service, she had Jerry’s support from the start.

“I wouldn’t stand in her way if she wanted it,” he says, “and if I wanted to do something, she wouldn’t stand in mine. It’s a mutual understanding and support we give each other.”

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