Sunday, September 11, 2005

Fuzzy Math?

In his most recent Rants & Raves column, Steve Penhollow takes on the recording industry, a worthy target to be sure.

In the eyes of a record company exec, a pop music CD is basically an $18 hit single. It’s a lucrative medium for delivering a hit song, other recorded content that a potential buyer had no way of previewing until relatively recently, and a lot of unnecessary packaging.

“You pays your money, you takes your chances,” was for many years a maxim every consumer had to fully embrace before making a record store purchase.

Now you can get 12 hit singles on iTunes for that same $18.

Except that, because every song on iTunes sells for $0.99, buying 12 hit singles only costs $12.60 ($11.88 plus tax).

You can get 17 hit singles -- not 12 -- for that $18.

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