Friday, September 23, 2005

Helping Out

Jennifer Boen talks to city councilman Tom Hayhurst, who is down in Louisiana providing medical care to evacuees from Hurricane Katrina.
A typical day at the shelter for Hayhurst involves caring for people who are throwing up. He diagnosed and treated two cases of pneumonia earlier this week. “Some people say, ‘I drank water in New Orleans, and I now have diarrhea.’ ”

Hayhurst said he was elevated to near-hero status in one man’s eyes when he finally figured out a way to treat the man’s serious wax build-up in his ears. The man had spent considerable time in the murky, bacteria-filled water before coming to the shelter. He needed relief from the ear discomfort.

Hayhurst sent a volunteer to buy a Water-Pik home dental appliance that power-cleans teeth and gums. “We blew the wax right out of there,” he said.
Hayhurst, in addition to being a politician, is also a doctor.

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