Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Interactive Blogging!

On his blog, Tracy Warner responds to the criticism from myself and others (most notably, Leo Morris) over his comments last week about the President's response to Hurricane Katrina.

I don't think the president wanted the poor and minorities of New Orleands to suffer, words some commentators have put in my mouth after last week's Blog entries and Friday's Journal Gazette editorial.

Perhaps I was putting words in Tracy's mouth; here's what he wrote:
Bush did do one thing right: He called on former President Clinton to help in the relief effort. Too bad he didn't put Clinton in charge of the effort on Saturday, the day before the hurricane hit: The flood victims, many of them poor and black, would have been taken care of.
And then my response:
What I have a problem with is Warner's assertion that somehow all the victims would have been fine if President Clinton had been put in charge and his insinuation that Bush isn't doing everything he can to help the victims ("many of them poor and black") because the President is a racist and hates poor people.
You can decide for yourself if you think I misinterpreted his comments.

(By the way, I'm glad that Tracy took the time to write a lengthy post today going into more detail about why he thinks what he thinks. I just wish he had done that last week -- but I'm not going to criticize him for failing to act soon enough...)

ALSO: Leo Morris had this to say about Warner's original comments:
I guess I must look for complicated reasons for simple problems. I had presumed the lack of a brilliant performance in getting aid to the Gulf Coast might have been a combination of, 1) the fact that it was the biggest natural disaster to ever hit the United States in modern times and, 2) mistakes made by lots of people at all levels of government. Silly me. Anyone who's thought about it for a minute and a half knows in his bones that it was an evil plot by George Bush to get rid of a few thousand poor, black people. Need proof? Well, he didn't send Bill Clinton down to fix everything the day before the hurricane hit.

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