Friday, September 09, 2005


You might remember that back in 2002, Republican Matt Kelty challenged incumbent Win Moses for his seat in the state legislature, in a race so close that Kelty asked for a recount after all the votes had been tallied.

One of the issues Kelty raised in his campaign was the residency status of the former mayor of Fort Wayne. Moses has an apartment in Fort Wayne (which fills the requirement that he must live in his district) but owns a home in Indianapolis. Here's a letter to the editor from a Kelty supporter that appeared in the JG on Oct. 25, 2002 that does a good job summarizing what Kelty was complaining about.
In response to your editorial of Oct. 8, The Journal Gazette once again missed the key point concerning the residency of Winfield Moses. Property ownership is not the issue; permanent residency and commitment to the community are the issues. Matt Kelty didn't say in his debate with Moses that local property is required to run for office. If Moses wants to rent an apartment here, fine. Kelty was simply pointing out, appropriately, how little time the current officeholder spends with his constituency and the disappointment that Moses chooses to devote himself to life outside the confines of our fair city.

Your accusation that Kelty is an elitist is entirely misplaced. He's a young, local businessman with a family who has a stake in our city and its citizens, not a trust fund baby or a political commuter. The elitist is Mr. Moses. After all, he's the one living in a gated community in a wealthy Indianapolis suburb.

I believe voters in the 81st District are savvy enough to realize that they are best served by a legislator who lives among them. Unlike Moses, Kelty is in touch with the economic and social issues that affect those of us who live and work in Fort Wayne.

John W Bowers
In fact, when Kelty filed for the recount in 2002, the police officer that went to serve Moses with the notice couldn't find him at his residential address.

I mention all of this in light of this week's fire at Three Rivers Apartments. From a News-Sentinel report by Mike Dooley:

State Rep. Win Moses Jr., who has an apartment on the 11th floor of the complex’s northern building, said he felt the building shake, then smelled a faint odor of smoke.

“That’s when I knew it was time to get out,” said Moses, who walked down a stairway to safety.

It appears that Moses really does live in Three Rivers Apartments!

And whom do you suppose the company that manages the apartment complex hired to supervise the repairs necessary to make the building livable once again?

A local architect named Matt Kelty.

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