Wednesday, September 14, 2005

More Sheriff Blogging

All this talk about the sheriff's race got me thinking about another Republican who was rumored to want the job: former state legislator Bob Alderman. In fact, there were whispers in local political circles that Alderman had been given the position as director of INDOT's Fort Wayne district to clear the way for Jim Herman's hand-picked candidate, Brad Kohrman.

Now that Kohrman's decided not to run, I wondered that news had caused Alderman to change his mind about jumping in to the sheriff's race.

So I asked him.
FWMN: In light of Brad Kohrman's recent announcement that he's not going to be running for sheriff, have you reconsidered your own decision not to pursue that office?

Bob Alderman: No, actually I haven't. You know, I just needed to get away from politics for awhile and the disappointment of politics.

Number one, if I ran for sheriff my whole position would be that I'd give up that hundred and fifty or two hundred thousand dollars worth of taxpayers' money* that's gone in the sheriff's pocket, that I would have lived from the salary. And that's a standard that any person who runs for this office should stand for, and I also know it will be a brutal race and actually I kind of like building highways now. It may be more fulfilling to me than putting up with all the crap there.

FWMN: So you're not leaving the door open at all?

Alderman: No, not really. There's a couple of good guys out there that will run. I know that Kenny Fries seems to have, or at least believes he has the edge. I think there's some other people that will come in there without an axe to grind for that position, and if people give them a fair hearing, I think that they'll see that there's a couple of good candidates out there.

I'm here [at INDOT] where I can make legitimate decisions for taxpayers, spend their money wisely, try to do some good things, and just not put up with all the politics, and I would tell you that, four months in to the decision I made to get out of the legislature, I'm quite happy with that decision. I just think I can do more here.
It sounds like Alderman isn't thinking of jumping in the race, which is good news for Ken Fries as he can now present himself to the party's traditionally generous donors as the clear front-runner. As to whether Fries will promise not to accept the extra money Alderman spoke of, that remains to be seen...

* The sheriff receives 10 % of the state tax warrants his or her office collects

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