Monday, September 12, 2005

More Sheriff's Race Reporting

A quick call to the Allen County Elections Board reveals some very interesting information about the potential sheriff's candidates.

A quick primer: although candidates can't officially file to enter the sheriff's race until January 2006, in order to start raising money for a potential run, they need to submit some paperwork to the elections board. They've got two options: establish an exploratory committee or what's called a principal account. Those filing for an exploratory committee don't have to declare for what office they intend to run; when filing for a principal account, they do.

For instance, Tina Taviano filed for an exploratory committee on May 20th, 2005, almost a month before attending a retreat in Colorado Springs put on by the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund to train candidates and campaign workers on grassroots political campaigning, from ringing door bells to raising money.

Ken Fries seems to have had his eye on becoming the next sheriff for some time; he filed for an exploratory committee on February 27th...of 2003.

Mike Foster, the Republican candidate that Ben Lanka forgot to mention in Sunday's Political Notebook item, filed for a principal account on June 8th, 2005 and declared that he is running for sheriff, as close to "officially" running as one can get at this point, even though Lanka wrote that:

[Kohrman not running] leaves Ken Fries, a Republican candidate, as the only other person [beside Taviano] officially running for the office, but numerous other names have been mentioned.

And speaking of Brad Kohrman, here's something to consider: he may not be running, but that's not what he told the elections board six weeks ago. On August 2nd, he filed for a principal account and stated that he is running for sheriff.

Sounds to me like there's a story here...

UPDATE: A reader comments:
The story going around is that Capt Kohrman had made some sort of low-key expenditure for something at the beginning of August and was reminded by someone that it triggered the need to file a committee.

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