Friday, September 16, 2005

None Too Pleased

On Sunday, Ryan DuVall wrote a lengthy article on what to look for in a local coffee shop, including reviews of Fort Wayne establishments. Today, a letter to the editor was published from Paul Demaree of the Firefly Coffee House, who wasn't too pleased with the story.

Here's what DuVall had to say about the Firefly:
Firefly ( 3523 N. Anthony Blvd .): Its atmosphere is quite cozy and comfortable, and it has a vast menu. Firefly also has the best iced teas in town (try the mint, it is great). There are only two real negatives about the place. The first is that its location makes it a popular hangout for Concordia High School students. The second is that you pay in one place and pick up your drinks in another, usually from someone different, and this makes it a little less personal.
Here's Demaree's letter:
Ryan DuVall’s review of local coffeehouses (Sept. 11) was one of the poorest pieces of journalism I have seen in awhile.

First, I would like to address his outrageous condemnation of Concordia High School students and how their presence at the Firefly Coffee House was viewed by him as something negative. We are very proud to have students from this great high school coming to our coffeehouse. They gather here to visit and enjoy themselves but they also spend time talking with other customers about world issues. What exactly do they do that offends him so?

Second, because the educational component of the article was so poorly researched, he did no service to the industry or the community. I hold the editor partially responsible for allowing this review to make it to print. I’m not sure who should be fired.

Firefly Coffee House Fort Wayne

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