Tuesday, September 27, 2005

On the March

Robert Rouse in front of the White House on Saturday

Fort Wayne blogger Robert Rouse attended the anti-war rally in Washington, D.C. over the weekend and has a post about the journey up on his blog, Left of Centrist, along with a gallery of photos.

Here's an excerpt:
On Friday evening at 9:30pm, 56 people gathered north of the Wal-Mart parking lot and boarded a bus headed for DC. The group included white and black, old and young, There were professors and students, housewives and musicians. One was blind. All of us had a common desire . . . to add our individual voices to a collective of like-minded human beings. The journey from Fort Wayne to Washington, DC took place over night. This allowed us to sleep . . . let me rephrase . . . attempt to sleep on the bus. I discovered that some people have the ability to sleep on a moving vehicle traveling over winding roads, but some of us, including myself, failed to develop that rare talent. The bus stopped twice for short ten minute stretching periods, and again around 7:30am for breakfast at the Perkins restaurant in Breezewood, PA. While most of the group were able to get breakfast in a reasonable amount of time, the table where I sat was still foodless at 8:30. We were a little late arriving in Washington as were several other busloads.

After unloading backpacks and protest signs, we joined the short march from our drop off point on Pennsylvania Ave. to the Ellipse off 15th Street. It was during this march that some of us lost contact with each other. However, we had prearranged a spot to meet with other marchers from Indiana. It didn't take me long to find my fellow Hoosiers. The Indiana State flag was waving high on a pole a little west of the main stage of the rally. Jesse Jackson was speaking as I arrived. I was greeted by people from Terre Haute, Indianapolis and Lafayette. During the next couple of hours we heard from speakers such as Cindy Sheehan, Jessica Lange, Ralph Nader and George Galloway. My particular favorite was the great former Attorney General Ramsey Clark who made a strong case for impeachment.
Rouse, in case you couldn't tell, is not a big fan of the President.

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