Sunday, September 18, 2005

Political Notebook Notebook

Just like last week, the JG's Political Notebook re-reports what I already published here on FWMN several days before.

The same day that last week's Political Notebook was published, I noted that Ben Lanka forgot to include Mike Foster as a confirmed GOP candidate for sheriff. A week later, the Political Notebook reports:
Last week, in an item about the early start to the Allen County sheriff's race - which does not even have a primary for eight months - we listed the first official* Democratic candidate, Tina Taviano, and Republican Ken Fries, but neglected to mention Republican Mike Foster, who has been campaigning since June.
*It seems that the Political Notebook still has its signals crossed, because there are no "official" candidates for sheriff yet. From another of my posts last week:
A quick primer: although candidates can't officially file to enter the sheriff's race until January 2006, in order to start raising money for a potential run, they need to submit some paperwork to the elections board. They've got two options: establish an exploratory committee or what's called a principal account. Those filing for an exploratory committee don't have to declare for what office they intend to run; when filing for a principal account, they do.
Here's where things get interesting: even though the Political Notebook doesn't seem to realize that Taviano isn't an official candidate for sheriff, it knows that Bob Lee, despite his own claims, isn't yet an official candidate for state treasurer.
A news release sent last week said the 46-year-old Lee filed papers in Indianapolis with the Indiana Election Commission declaring his candidacy.

Actually what he did was merely change his exploratory campaign finance committee, originally opened in May, to a principal committee specifically citing state treasurer as the office he is seeking.

There is an actual declaration of candidacy form, but it cannot be filed until early next year, according to the election commission.

One would think that if the Political Notebook could take the time to call the Indiana Election Commission in order to correct Lee, it could also dial up the Allen County Elections Board to correct itself. (Or at least read this blog.)

And while we're on the subject of corrections, here's one you can expect in next week's edition: Though the paper claimed that the woman in a photo (below, left) accompanying an item on the county leasing electronic voting machines was elections director Pam Finlayson, it is actually Jeannie Nicolet, the deputy director.

The photo that appeared in the JG on Sunday, and an actual photo of Finlayson, taken from an archive issue of the Aboite Independent:

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