Friday, September 23, 2005

Report from the Sheriff's Dept.

Remember when Tracy Warner speculated that the next public information officer for the sheriff's department would be Brad Kohrman, in order to get him in front of the TV cameras ahead of next year's election?

Yes, yes, we all know now that Kohrman's not going to run, but that PIO post still needed to be filled. Masaaki Harada of the JG reports that it has, by Steve Stone.
“The sheriff’s department has a lot of officers – both sworn in and civilian – who truly care,” said Stone, who was introduced Thursday as the Allen County Sheriff’s Department’s new spokesman. “The general public needs to know what we are doing and how it affects their quality of life, either directly or indirectly.”

Besides dealing with the media, Stone, a 14-year veteran of the department, will attend public meetings, including neighborhood association meetings, and serve as a liaison between residents and county police.

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