Sunday, September 11, 2005

Reporting on Reporting

Tuesday, Sept. 6: I report that, contrary to what Tracy Warner has been intimating on his blog, Brad Kohrman won't be running for Allen County Sheriff. The same day, a FWMN reader reveals that Tina Taviano will be running, and another notes that it will be as an openly gay candidate, something sure to be a big story in conservative Allen County.

Sunday, Sept. 11: Niki Kelly and Dan Stockman report in the JG's Political Notebook that Brad Kohrman isn't running for sheriff (without mentioning the JG blogger who told everyone he was), but that Tina Taviano is. No mention of the fact that she's trying to become the first openly gay office holder in Allen County, which isn't exactly a secret.

And no mention of Fort Wayne Media Notes, either -- the blog that had both stories five days earlier.

ALSO: Kelly and Stockman fail to note that Mike Foster, a sheriff's reserve officer, has made it clear that he's running for sheriff for quite some time.

UPDATE: Here's what one FWMN reader thinks of this week's Political Notebook.

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