Monday, September 12, 2005

Saving Downtown: It's Been Done Before

The N-S's Ryan Lengerich reports that 25 business leaders and area officials will be spending this weekend in Greenville, SC to find out how that city was able to revitalize its downtown.
The focus will be on how Greenville leaders woke up the downtown.

Here are some keys to that city’s downtown revitalization:
  • combining public and private investments for projects
  • attracting residents with events, entertainment venues and parks, which brings retail and restaurants with them.
  • adding angled, free parking and vast landscaping
  • slowing people down by eliminating one-way streets and forcing them to walk a little at street level to their final destination.
As for slowing people down on city streets, I think we've already done a good job of that this summer by leaving all of those manhole covers exposed.

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