Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sheriff Fever!

In a special Labor Day edition of Dooley Noted, Mike appears to have been infected by the sheriff's race fever that's been going around:

Here’s one for you – Helmke for Sheriff.

That guffawing you’re doing can be heard all the way down here at Broadway and Main Street. That’s absurd, you say. Paul Helmke, a lawyer, has absolutely no experience in law enforcement or any desire to be the next Allen County sheriff.

Maybe so. But sometimes, a politician just has to abandon his wants and don’t-wants and do the right thing. And from the standpoint of Republicans seeking a candidate with high-name recognition for sheriff in 2006, Helmke’s the one.

None of this should be taken to suggest those who’ve already decided to seek the GOP nomination aren’t qualified or wouldn’t be perfectly good sheriffs. It’s just that they’re not exactly household names, and if the Democrats would pull a fast one and find some well-known type to carry their party’s standard in the election, we might wind up with the first Democrat sheriff in this county since Herman Holle captured the post 60 years ago.

Before you write off this idea as the work of a totally unoccupied mind, consider one more thing: There is precedent for a Sheriff Helmke – Harold Zeis, a Republican and former sheriff, was Democrat Ivan Lebamoff’s predecessor in the mayor’s office, and Joe Squadrito, another Republican and former sheriff, was an unsuccessful candidate for mayor after Helmke decided not to run again in 1999.

So if Zeis and Squadrito, the former sheriffs, could run for mayor, what’s to keep Helmke, the former mayor, from running for sheriff?

Not us, thank you. But perhaps Helmke. “I don’t think that’s going to happen,” he told us Friday.

Helmke is right: he's not going to run for sheriff. (Neither is Brad Kohrman, though Tracy Warner seems content to let readers of his blog continue to think so.)

Tina Taviano and Ken Fries, however, are.

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