Monday, September 12, 2005

Stop With All the Sheriff Blogging!

I've already noted that Ben Lanka's item in Sunday's Political Notebook forgot that Mike Foster is running for sheriff, but I just remembered how I knew that Foster was a candidate: because I read it in an earlier episode of Political Notebook!

From the August 14th edition:

Lt. Kenneth Fries, of the Allen County Sheriff’s Department, has had his campaign committee in place for a while now and has been quietly raising money. But Sept. 23, the quiet efforts end.

Fort Wayne City Councilman John Crawford, R-at large, is hosting a $150-a-couple fundraiser at his home for the Republican candidate. Among the hosts listed on the invitation are Marty Bender, deputy chief of the Fort Wayne Police Department, and John McGauley, spokesman for the Allen County commissioners (and expected candidate for Allen County recorder).

[...]Observers say the Republican primary could be a crowded one. Joining Fries in the race so far is Mike Foster, who announced his candidacy in June.

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