Friday, September 23, 2005

A Swinging Good Time

A post on Monday about a Muncie swingers club located in a former school has been drawing lots of comments from readers, including a few wondering whether Fort Wayne has a swingers club of its own.

Turns out we do.

After doing some digging, I discoved that there is indeed a swingers club in the Summit City, located in part of the old International Harvester building on S. Coliseum Blvd.

It's called Club Utopia; here's what it looks like on the inside:

"There are two group party rooms. Both have two king-sized beds and no viewing window."

"The Swim Spa can hold up to 16 people at one time. Common courtesy to all members is that you shower prior to entering. A large shower is provided for just that purpose."
The photos (and descriptions) are from, the club's website. In addition to more photos, on the site you'll also find the following:
There's also a list of Frequently Asked Questions, such as:
What if I get jealous?

Being uncomfortable or uptight is normal in the beginning stages. If you are not excited by the encounter, maybe this lifestyle isn't for you. Talk about your comfort rules BEFORE you join as a couple. Remember, you don't have to be with everyone who approaches you. You have the right to say NO or STOP anytime it quits being fun. This should be a pleasurable experience, not painful.
Dr. Deborah McMahan, who heads the Fort Wayne - Allen County Board of Health, had heard rumors of such a club, but was not certain of its existence until contacted for this story.

"We’ve never received any complaints about it – by complaints I mean any citizens calling in concerned about that," she said.

"I’m assuming that they just change partners. That’s not necessarily illegal. I think those kind of places may pose a [health] challenge, that you may not like what they do, but it’s not illegal."

UPDATE: A FWOb reader points out that this is not the first time that Club Utopia has been in the news:
For the record, The Journal Gazette first reported the existence of Club Utopia in a Frank Gray column in February 2000.

And there were several follow-up stories.

It may have been rediscovered of late, but its existence is hardly new news.
And other readers do some reporting of their own:
The [Club Utopia] website makes reference to the owners being Dennis and Teri.

A websearch on WHOIS shows the website registered to Dennis Pohl. His wife happens to be Theresa.

They have a Spencerville address.
There is a Dennis Pohl who is shown owing personal property taxes of only 730 some dollars at 3838 E. Pontiac.

That sounds about right for where this club is located.

Dennis and Theresa also owe taxes on real estate located on State Road 1, Spencerville (but located in Allen County).

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