Tuesday, September 20, 2005

They're Back!

The delegation of Fort Wayne leaders that visited Greenville, SC over the weekend has returned. And they claimed to have learned much from their brief sojourn.
For some, the trip’s highlight was Greenville’s Falls Park on the Reedy River, a $13.4 million public park featuring a suspension bridge over the Reedy River waterfall.

“One of the things that was clear that we kept hearing from the people there is that the river was central and you have to use it as a focus, whether you build right on it or a block away from it. If that river wasn’t there, the rest of that wouldn’t be there,” said Fort Wayne City Councilman Tom Smith, R-1st District, an outspoken advocate for riverfront development in this city. “We’ve got this river and it is time to sit down and have some serious discussions. Are we going to have riverfront development or not?”
Then there's this, from a N-S reader in response to learning about the visit:
I’m from Greenville, S.C., and lived in Fort Wayne three years now. I see a lot of similarities between downtown Fort Wayne and downtown Greenville prior to revitalization. Fort Wayne certainly can do what Greenville has done, but it takes a partnership between city and county to make that happen.
And for a moment we actually thought revitalizing downtown was possible...

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