Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Warner Breaks His Silence

On his blog this morning, Tracy Warner acknowledges what everyone else already knows: Brad Kohrman isn't going to run for sheriff. (Here's irony: the post is titled "Sheriff's race update." Perhaps he just found out...)

Tracy posits the real reason Kohrman decided not to run was his health, not a dislike for politics.
As has been reported in The JG's Political Notebook and elsewhere [wonder where...], Capt. Brad Kohrman of the Allen County Sheriff's Dept. has pulled out of the 2006 sheriff's race. Kohrman undergoes spinal surgery later this week, and the long recovery time makes running in 2006 just too problematic. While November 2006 is a long way off, the May GOP primary is usually where the real action is for countywide office. And with a first-time local GOP convention set for February, during which Republicans will have a non-binding vote for their favorites, serious candidates need to be raising money now.

City Councilman John Crawford recently hosted a fund-raiser for GOP sheriff's candidate Ken Fries, and with Kohrman -- reportedly Sheriff Jim Herman's choice -- out of the running, a number of familiar Republican campaign contributors reportedly attended. Fries appears to be the front-runner, though Mike Foster -- a sheriff's reserve office -- is also seeking the post. Several other names have surfaced, but none have announced their candidacy.
The Fries fundraiser was on Friday, at Crawford's home in the Buckingham neighborhood off of State Boulevard, and Tracy's right: it was well-attended. The line of people waiting to get in stretched down the sidewalk.

By the way: I wonder if Tracy talked to Kohrman first before reporting that he's having spinal surgery. If I were Kohrman, I'm not sure that I'd want that to be public knowledge. But then again, I'm not Kohrman.

On the other hand, he and I do have this in common: neither of us are running for sheriff.

UPDATE: Apparently Kohrman's back injury was already public knowledge, at least technically. It occurred while on the job, and he subsequently filed a worker's compensation appeal...back in 2003.

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