Monday, September 26, 2005

What's Going On

Lots of interesting stuff in this week's issue of the Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly.
Vince Robinson has debuted his third newspaper, Latino Monthly, a free publication that will target the local Hispanic community.

The newspaper will have stories about local Hispanic residents, businesses and issues.

“It will be local,” Robinson said. “That was one of the things that seems to be lacking.”

Latino Monthly will be printed in English, but stories also can be published in Spanish if necessary, Robinson said. It will be available at numerous businesses as well as other locations.

The inaugural issue came out Sept. 2, and Robinson said feedback has been positive. The next issue is due out Oct. 14, and subsequent editions will be released the second Friday of each month.

[...]About 7,500 copies of each Latino Monthly issue will be printed. That is fewer than the [Fort Wayne] Reader, which distributes about 10,000 copies, and Ink, which has about 9,000 copies printed.

(Cover image courtesy of Diversity Media and GFWBW)
21Alive joined the cavalcade of local media trekking south to cover the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
Reporter Jeff Neumeyer and a photographer followed Indiana National Guard troops deployed there.

“You’ve got to get as good of coverage as the (national) network is getting, which is hard to do,” said Chris Fedele, WPTA president and general manager, on making the decision to send staff to the area.

“Any time you have the opportunity (to send somebody on) a big story that has some local interest is always good.”
I disagree with Fedele's assessment that an affiliate's coverage must equal that of a national news network, especially on a story like Katrina. I doubt that people expect to see Keith Edwards or Corinne Rose reporting live from the Vatican when the Pope dies.
The Journal Gazette sent reporter Rebecca Green and photographer Clint Keller to Mississippi with national guard troops in early September. And the News-Sentinel’s Amy Soper and Ellie Bogue, a reporter and photographer respectively, arrived at the state’s Operation Hoosier Relief base and began filing stories shortly after the Journal Gazette’s series began.

[...]WANE, channel 15, News Director Ted Linn said his station has not sent anyone to the area yet, but has not ruled it out. WOWO also has not sent anyone, but interviewed several reporters who were there for their news program, including Green and Neumeyer.
Linn has also reportedly not yet ruled out sending a reporter to Washington to cover President Bush's inauguration.

Then there's this item:
Nathan Gotsch, founder of Fort Wayne Media Notes, a blog that started initially as a local media watchdog, has changed the site’s name to better reflect its changing content.

The site now is called Fort Wayne Observed. The old URL,, will continue directing users to the site. But a new address, also has been created.

In a posting announcing the new site name, Gotsch said the change was necessary because he has written about not only media, but also the issues they cover. He said the blog still will include commentary on local media.
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