Thursday, September 15, 2005

Where's the Outrage?

Is a Fort Wayne woman going to get away with murder?
[...]Then about a week before Rosemary Hessert was to begin trial, Michael Hessert admitted to killing [Andrew L.] Hines himself and then having his longtime friend Robert J. Hegwood help him remove the body from the Hesserts’ home. During that confession, Michael Hessert told police that Rosemary Hessert used a frying pan to strike Hines in the head repeatedly, causing Hines to stop moving and talking. He then placed a plastic bag over Hines’ head because it was bleeding, according to court records.

On Wednesday, Michael Hessert testified he placed the plastic bag over Hines’ head because his wife directed him to do so after he walked into their kitchen to find Hines handcuffed and injured from an altercation with Rosemary Hessert.

Michael Hessert had been prosecutors’ main witness against Rosemary Hessert when she was charged with murder, but he changed stories so frequently he wouldn’t have been a believable witness, [Deputy Prosecutor Steve] Godfrey said. Multiple versions of the story is the same reason that prosecuting Rosemary Hessert for some lesser charge would be difficult, he said.

[...]Originally, she had been charged with murder, but the count was dismissed after Michael Hessert confessed a week before her trial.
You'll be happy to know that, even though the prosecutor's office isn't going to charge Rosemary Hessert with anything, they are pursuing a case against Hegwood, and guess who is their star witness?
The agreement also requires Michael Hessert’s full cooperation with any further investigation and his truthful testimony in any trial requested by prosecutors. Additionally, prosecutors agreed to forgo prosecution of any crime to which Michael Hessert admits a role as long as it didn’t result in serious bodily injury or death.

Godfrey said that particular clause requires Michael Hessert to testify against Hegwood, who is scheduled to begin trial this month.
This whole thing would be funny, if it weren't so outrageous.

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