Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Fort Wayne Observed will return to the local blogosphere tomorrow with a brand new design and new editor at the helm.

Nathan Gotsch has turned over the site, its archives and domain name to local blogger Mitch Harper.

Harper began his Indiana Parley blog back in September. He was one of the first local bloggers to take advantage of audio posts, a feature that allows bloggers to file audio reports from anywhere using their cellular phone.

Gotsch made the decision to hand over Fort Wayne Observed to Harper in order to pursue other opportunities.

Before its official debut, several local bloggers will be given a preview of the new site this afternoon and invited to post their reaction to it on their own blogs. Links to those posts will be placed on this page for interested readers.

UPDATE: Bloggers on the new site:
Left of Centrist

ain't that sherific

Fort Wayne Indiana etc

Opening Arguments

What the Game's Been Missing

Mike Sylvester
The new site will be located at the following address:


It will also be accessible via the www.fortwayneobserved.com domain name.

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Fort Wayne Observed was founded on May 22, 2005 as Fort Wayne Media Notes. Eventually the blog outgrew media commentary and its name was changed to Fort Wayne Observed on September 19, 2005.

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Statement from Mitch Harper:
I have been grateful for the advice, pointers and encouragement that I received from Nathan Gotsch. I have come to admire him for his industry, consistency, and high standards.

Nathan developed a large amount of traffic in a short period of time. That he freely shared that traffic with other weblogs is a testament to the mentoring role he sought to play.

His promoting of weblogs, including my own, is greatly appreciated and I know that many others would echo those thoughts.

I am grateful for the role he has played in encouraging the development of an active blogging community in Fort Wayne, one that gives voice to persons whose outlook might never be shared through any other medium and one that tries to make media and government more transparent and accountable.

I am taking over the site because I want to help make sure it continues.
Statement from Nathan Gotsch:
I'm pleased that Mitch Harper has agreed to my request that he take over Fort Wayne Observed. The most important mission of the site is to encourage growth and discussion in the Fort Wayne blogosphere, and I think he is uniquely equipped to handle that task.

The fact that his political beliefs are well-known and that he served for many years as a Republican in the state legislature has not disqualified him from being a good -- and fair -- blogger. Just look at several of his Indiana Parley posts from the past few days: a pleasant exchange with Left of Centrist blogger Robert Rouse and breaking the news that Democrat Geoff Paddock would like to run for State Representative should Ben GiaQuinta retire.

And I suspect Harper's knowledge and understanding of local politics will be an asset for Fort Wayne Observed, especially in this election year.

As a side note, I want to let people know that Fort Wayne Observed's recent disappearance had nothing to do with any legal issues related to my decision to publish Carroll (the Book). As FWOb readers already know, I am not intimidated by threats, legal or otherwise.

I thank the city of Fort Wayne for the opportunity to report and comment on its news these last nine months, and I look forward to seeing its blogosphere continue to grow.

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